JJ's Organic Signature Blend™

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JJ's Organic Signature Blend™

Our exclusive blend offers high impact and splendor with a unique combination of Indonesian, South American and two *SHB Central Americans to create a truly striking cup! This smooth low-acidic blend is isn’t shy of a full-bodied aromatic brew. You will want this creation time and time again!

If you are a coffee novice, here is what you should know: *SHB is a term meaning "Strictly High Grown" or "Strictly Hard Bean".  These coffee beans are grown at altitudes 4,500 ft. above sea level, thus maturing more slowly and growing more dense.  The denser the bean and the higher the altitude of the bean, the more desirable the taste attributes and inherent consistency producing a more expensive and higher quality bean then those grown at lower elevations. 

The JJ Signature Blend is USDA Certified Organic and includes not one but two of the SHB Central American beans, thus making it a superior cup over that of our competitors.  Now you know.