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Did you know that coffee is a natural meat tenderizer?  Did you also know that the enzymes in coffee pairs well with protein?  You can transform your meat by simply using our Smokii Joe Dry Rub.  It's all natural, preservative free and non-gmo properties offer something you can feel good about.  It is especially hand-crafted by using Fair Trade Certified ingredients, and while we can not claim that it is 100% organic, we have carefully selected organic herbs and spices to offer this product long-shelf life.  We intentionally left out "non-clumping" agents and used ingredients that are natural preservatives.  We work with nature with our Smokii Joe Dry Rub, and it in turn works well with so many things.  It was important to me to offer our customers a product they can feel good about using over and over again.

In this package are a number of wonderful trade mark secret ingredients, but I have to tell you, that our biggest secret of all is the love that goes into each batch.  Each batch is treated with utmost care and I know that you can taste that care with every bite.

I have found that this unique spice independently transforms flavors based on the individual flavor profile of the food.  In other words, when you use it with chicken it has a different finish than when you use it on fish or beef or pork or get what I'm saying.  Also, very interestingly enough, my customers have described it as "clean".   That to me is the biggest compliment of all.  Every Millennial Chef strives to obtain a "clean" recipe, dish or product.  Thankfully, we have done that with our Smokii Joe Dry Rub.  Don't just take my word for it, try it for yourself, I stand behind my product with a satisfaction guarantee, so what do you have to lose?

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